From Peaches to Pain: One of Globe’s Notable Figures

Many of you may not know that Globe has produced some of Arizona’s most popular individuals, such as the first-ever governor of U.S. George W. P. Smith and the first female governor Rose Mofford. Not many of you know of the famous man who has single-handedly closed down a mine for 3 days!

Maurel and His Love for Peaches

Andre Maurel was just your average French immigrant living in Globe. This man cared for his peach orchard and sold the harvested high-quality fruits in the local market.

His orchard was very close to one of the city’s mine and all the miners would always poach his peaches from the trees even after he warned them multiple times. One day, he decided that they should stop looting his livelihood and he took matters into his own hands. He went to a local drugstore a bought croton oil and injected it into all his peaches near the mine.

Miners’ Pain

Croton oil is a very strong natural laxative and when this oil was injected into the peaches, its effects doubled. The miners who ate the drugged fruits were having diarrhea all night and day. Because of this, they were too weak and sick to work and the mine was closed down for 3 whole days.


Andre Maurel is one of Globe’s historical figures who is still alive today to tell his tale.