From Flintstones Bedrock City to Raptor Ranch

You might notice something interesting on your way to your destination. Stop for a while and appreciate the roadside attractions that you will find along the highways of Arizona. Some of them could be the best-unexpected discoveries you will ever find during your travel.

Goodbye, Flintstones Bedrock City

The Flintstones Bedrock City was based on an animated sitcom that first aired during the 1960s, called The Flintstones. You may not have heard of it, but it was one of the most successful sitcoms for a long time until “The Simpsons” started its broadcast. It is now time to say goodbye to the park where many people made a lot of good memories over the last 50 years.

Hello, Raptor Ranch

After 50 years of being one of the best attractions on the roadside of Arizona, the owner of the Flintstones Bedrock City has decided to close this roadside attraction. But after putting an end to its operations, visitors of the park may look forward to another attraction called the Raptor Ranch. It is going to be a place full of raptor birds that will bring the birdwatcher out of you.

Other Roadside Attractions

Other than the upcoming Raptor Ranch attraction on the roadside of Arizona, you may discover other attractions such as the Roadkill 66 Café, London Bridge and the Meteor Crater. You will encounter some of these roadside attractions depending on the routes you will take or if you plan to come to and visit them. Make sure to plan your destinations so that you will not miss other roadside attractions!