Feeling Mexican at Globe, Arizona

Arizona is known as a state with a diverse culture. It has a combination of Native American and Hispanic roots. As a state with a huge population of Hispanic people, Mexican culture is also popular in Globe, Arizona. Part of that culture is the traditional Mexican cuisine. Here are the two most visited Mexican restaurants you will find in Globe.

Los Robertos Mexican Food

Los Robertos Mexican Food captured the hearts of their customers for providing great customer service and a generous serving of their food.  Their Arizona Burrito is the most popular on their menu. It is ranked number one on their recommendation list. Others include their flavorful Green Chile Burrito, Veggie Burrito and Fish Tacos. You will find them along S Broad Street in Globe, Arizona. Try all their burritos now and experience one of the best Mexican restaurants in Globe!

El Ranchito

Having been influenced by the Mexican culture, this restaurant does not only serve authentic Mexican dishes, but also provide festive entertainment with Mariachis which plays Regional Mexican music. Among their recommendations are the flavorful Chicken Enchiladas, Beef Tacos and Fajitas y Mollejas. Experience dining at El Ranchito with the awesomeness of their Mexican ambience while grabbing a bite of their signature dishes.