“Drift Inn” to Globe’s Oldest Saloon


The Drift Inn Saloon is by far Globe’s oldest saloon. It opened in 1902 in the midst of the Wild West era. Globe itself was founded in 1876, and this historic saloon quickly became the gathering spot where games, entertainment and socializing came together. A number of travelers heading along Route 60 stopped for a drink, and today it remains a top destination point in Globe’s historic district. Whether you’re craving a good chilled drink, a generous sandwich or both, you’re in for a treat. Don’t forget the morning Bloody Marys, either!

As one of the oldest saloons in the entire state, it retains much of its original charm. Check out the massive wood bar, the stuffed buffalo overhead, and the pressed-tin roof. On one wall, a mural by Frank Olsen is featured, and numerous paintings of Old West ladies pepper the saloon. The “soiled doves,” or brothel workers, of yore are part of what made the Drift Inn Saloon famous.

A Spooktacular Haunt

Many locals say the Drift Inn is haunted by friendly old timers and have reported ghostly taps on the shoulder. Bar stools have been reported to tip over when nobody was nearby, but everyone agrees that if ghosts haunt this saloon, they’re friendly and playful. Dubbed one of the top five destinations for bikers in Arizona, complete with amazing scenery and top-rated food, it’s a must-stop for all travelers.

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