Chinese Picks in Globe


Renowned for southwestern and Mexican fare, Globe also has some fantastic Chinese restaurants for you to discover! Start your culinary journey at Jumbo Chinese Restaurant, which offers a big selection of your favorite dishes. Come for the spice, the mouthwatering appetizers, and make sure to leave room for dessert. You’ll find plenty of locals here.

China Taste is known for their fried donuts, crab Rangoon and shrimp toast for starters. Seafood with bean cake soup, roast pork wonton soup and your classic Chinese favorite soups are a welcome treat. House specials include fried scallops, fried crab sticks, spare rib tips and chicken wings where you customize the heat.

Make Your Meals Count

Healthy options abound at both destinations, including steamed mixed vegetables, steamed broccoli with chicken, and steamed veggies with shrimp. Combination plates feature chicken egg foo young with roast pork, Hunan steak, shrimp with broccoli, and sesame chicken.

If you’re craving Cantonese, try the seafood delight with crab meat, lobster, scallops and shrimp with mixed vegetables. Crispy beef or lemon chicken with a side of tung ting shrimp always satisfies. For Hunan lovers, twice-cooked pork, hot and spicy beef, and orange beef are popular picks.