Arizona’s San Carlos Apache Reservation

The San Carlos Apache Native Americans are one of thirteen Apache tribes in the United States and most of them are currently living in the San Carlos Reservation, southeast of Arizona.

San Carlos Reservation is the largest Native American territory in the whole U.S. and have the seventh largest population of over 10,000 San Carlos Apaches living in the area. Apart from being a home to its residents, the reservation also welcomes guests and tourists to join in various annual events.

All-Star Bass Fishing Tournament

Every year, the San Carlos Reservation hold the All-Star Bass Fishing Tournament every fourth month of the year where locals and tourists alike compete for the prize of the heaviest bass caught in the San Carlos Lake.

Apache Independence Day

The Apache tribe always celebrate their annual Apache Independence Day on June 18. This day is usually celebrated with an archery contest, tribal delicacies and entertainment.  All the events during this event is celebrated to commemorate the tribe’s history and culture.

Apache ‘Jii’ Celebration

‘Jii’ in the Apache language is translated as Apache Day, which is simply a celebration of everything that makes up the Apache tribe. This celebration is held annually every October at various locations in Globe, Arizona

The event features performances by Apache dance groups and singers as well as an introduction of the different members of the Apache royalty.

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Maintaining our tribal culture and family traditions are important parts of our days. I love this photo with my three younger sisters/and cousins, dressed to impress in our family’s regalia. * * I hope this image will age well, giving hope and inspiration to the future generations of our people. In this one picture alone, I see many pieces of artwork created by so many generations of family members, all combining to be displayed in this moment. * * I’m looking forward to journeys of these young women and the future of our family as a whole. ☺️🙏🏽🙏🏽 * * * * #nativeamerican #native #nativeamericanjewelry #nativepride #nativecreations #nativeart #nativefashion #nativebling #nativestyle #natives #nativebeadwork #nativejewelry #nativeamericanmade #nativeamericanbeadwork #nativeamericanculture #nativeamericanheritage #nativebeading #nativedesign #indigenousart #indigenousartwork #indigeonusartist #nativeculture #nativemade #nativejewelry

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Everyone should go and visit the San Carlos Reservation to obtain a deeper knowledge of the San Carlos Apache tribe’s cultural heritage. Not only will guests learn more about the tribe, but they will also have great fun through the events and activities in the area!