Affordable Activities That You Can Do In Globe Arizona

Globe, Arizona is known for its great outdoor activities that you would surely love and enjoy. This place is filled with great tracks to explore.

Boost yourself, here are some of the things that you can do in Globe that is within every budget!

Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park

This archaeological park is known to be kid-friendly, affordable and a good place for a date with your loved ones. This park features 800-year-old ruins that was once populated by the Salado people. Partially restored, this park exhibits the artifacts, pottery and botanical gardens situated there.

Cobre Valley Center for the Arts

This arts center is non-profit and funded by donations from its members. It is also home to Gila County, a 100-year-old Courthouse. This is highly rated by most tourists and has a very favorable rating according to TripBuzz and other popular sites across the web.

Round Mountain Park

This park is great for those who love to do hiking as it has five different trails located in the park. Wildflowers can also be seen in Round Mountain Park. A hike along the west trail will lead you to one of the best views of the city of Globe.

There is no need to go to expensive places to experience a great leisure trip, Globe Arizona has you covered with their great and affordable trips!