Wildlife Viewing at Potter Marsh

Get a front row seat to check out the incredible wildlife at Potter Marsh, located at the southern point of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge. It’s a favorite of birders and features a great view of Turnagain Arm. You’ll find a boardwalk stretching 1,550 feet from the parking lot, taking you across the marsh and waters to nestle directly in the natural habitat of a myriad of birds and water-loving local creatures. In August, canvasback ducks, horned grebes, Canadian geese and others flock to this local wetland.


Keep an eye out for eagle nests, and bring binoculars to check the bluff bases. You might spot an eagle overhead, using their fantastic eyesight to spot tiny animals up to one mile away. Soaring eagles are looking for lunch, and you might be lucky enough to see one dive in for a snack. August is also when gulls, yellowlegs and trumpeter swans are migrating.

Wild Things

Muskrats are on the move this time of year, and the telltale sign is a v-shaped movement in the marsh waters. Moose are also known for coming to the wetlands foraging for dinner. Look for Rabbit Creek halfway up the boardwalk where coho, Chinook and humpback salmon spawn in August. They’re easy to spot due to their red bodies.

The area is surrounded by alders, spruce and cottonwoods, making it one of the most gorgeous places to stroll, picnic and watch wildlife. However, weather can still be cold and windy in August, so dress accordingly. The boardwalk is just half a mile long and there are restrooms at the entrance.