Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

This famed trail is open year round and is known as one of the most gorgeous of trails in the entire country. For Alaska, that says a lot! The gentle curves along 11 miles of coastline are easily accessible from downtown Anchorage and take you to the Kincaid Park Chalet. Easily the city’s most popular trail, you can explore incredible treasures while discovering both human and natural history.

Look for the fault line of the 1964 earthquake, and take in the scents of the forest. You might spot moose, and you’ll definitely experience the vistas and peaks of the region. Look for beluga whales while on your journey, and keep an eye out for the highest peak in North America, Mount McKinley.

Blazing Trails

Rated as “easy,” this is a must for all Anchorage visitors. Ideal for hiking, running, rollerblading, skiing and biking, depending on the season, at 11 miles, it’s the ideal destination for any length of journey you have in mind. Access the trail at the northeastern end of West 2nd Avenue, right by the railroad depot, for the maximum experience.

Bicycles are available to rent at Pablo’s Bicycles, and various tour companies offer guided hikes along Tony Knowles. However, most visitors prefer to explore and discover this trail on their own. Pack a lunch from one of Anchorage’s delectable diners or grocers, and prepare to experience a real Alaskan spring.