The Anchorage Coffee Scene Is Hard To Beat

People may know Seattle as the coffee city, but Anchorage has more than its own fair share of connoisseurs.

The Anchorage Coffee Scene Is Hard To Beat

Check out some of the best places to get your morning caffeine!

The Black Cup

Owned by the Kaladi brothers, this coffee shop prides itself on brewing coffee so well that it’s best enjoyed in its purest form, black with no need for sugar or creamer.  All of their beans are ethically sourced, and they even offer transparency in their brewing, with their premiere Steampunk machine visible to customers.  Beyond the coffee itself, the atmosphere of the cafe is warm and welcoming, because coffee is a great way to build a sense of community – this is a wonderful place to sit and chat while you enjoy your morning brew.


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Another place serving local Kaladi coffee (you’ll find that as a theme in the area), Jitters is part cafe, part art gallery.  With pieces from local artists on display, you’ll certainly have something beautiful to look at while you relax.  Their Jo-ppio drink is like a cinnamon cappucino, featuring just the right hints of sweetness and spice.  If you enjoy their coffee, you can even buy a bag of their exclusive blend to take home.


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This is a great place for coffee if you want to work or play.  Free wi-fi lets you check in with the office, or if you want to just have fun, they have a variety of board games for you to partake in.  The coffee is great and always freshly brewed.  If you get hungry, the attached restaurant serves up some delicious food!


Steamdot has a few locations throughout town, so it’s always convenient, no matter what your plans for the day are.  Their beans are all single origin and ethically sourced.  Order an espresso drink – all of the baristas are experts at pulling perfect shots, so you can really taste the richness of the dark drink, even if you choose to get yours in cappucino or latte form.

Kaladi Brothers Cafe

This list wouldn’t be complete without the original Kaladi Brothers Cafe.  Not only do they provide the beans for most local coffeehouses, but their origin story is a major influence on the development of the Anchorage coffee scene.  Drink in the history, and enjoy their perfectly roasted coffee beans.  Stick to black here – the cafe knows how to make rich and smooth coffee, and you aren’t going to want to miss any nuance of flavor.

We tend to experience coffee trends before they’re trendy, so find out what’s up-and-coming while you’re in town by visiting our favorite coffee shops!