Running of the Reindeer

Watch out—March 4th is the annual Running of the Reindeer event! Now in its tenth year, it’s Alaska’s answer to Spain’s Running of the Bulls (with no gouging, thank goodness!). Hosted by KWHL Hard Rock and Fur Rondy, the Rondy Running of the Reindeer is a world-renowned event and fundraiser for Toys for Tots. Participants come from around the world, trying their best to outrun the reindeer. Whether you run or watch, if you’re in Anchorage in March, you can’t miss this event.

Early bib pickup is encouraged, and there are four separate “herds” to enter. Entry is just $30 per person, and the various herds allow for runners of all abilities to participate. After all, some reindeer are faster than others, too. Herds include options for men, women, couples/groups, and tourists. You must be 18 to run.

Ready, Set, Reindeer

The race begins at 4 p.m., and it’s all part of the bigger event, Fur Rendezvous, which takes place throughout the month of March. In a mad dash to beat the deer, runners do their best to avoid slips, slides, and of course velvety antlers.

The good news? Reindeer aren’t inherently aggressive—they simply want to get to the finish just like you. Costumes are welcome, and a festive spirit is a must. Come on down to D Street and discover one of the zaniest events in Anchorage.