Ways To Listen To Glaciers

Did you know glaciers can sing or tell a story?

They may be large chunks of frozen water, but they also document weather, seasons, and the condition of the planet, all through the sounds they make.  The Iceberg Songs project asks music artists to incorporate the sounds of the glaciers into songs, often leading to some haunting effects, but while you’re in Anchorage, you can listen to the glaciers themselves, live and unedited.  Here’s some of our ideas for how to do just that.

Listen To Glaciers In Anchorage

Hike Exit Glacier

If you go south of Anchorage to Seward, you can hike Exit Glacier, a smaller glacier that is still pretty active and is fairly easy to hike.  You’ll see markers indicating the historical movement of the glacier, and with nothing between you and the ice, it’s easy to hear the creaks and moans.

Climb Matanuska Glacier

Mica Guides offers the opportunity to see more of the glaciers by climbing them, allowing you to travel over uneven terrain that can’t simply be hiked.  You may even get to venture directly into a glacier by exploring an ice cave.  It’s a great chance to get up close and personal with Alaska’s landscape.

Kayak To Spencer Glacier

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Ascending Path offers kayak tours where you can paddle right up to floes and see the mammoth blocks of ice from a new angle.  Guides are particularly knowledgeable about the ecology and activity of glaciers, so you have the chance to learn a lot, and you can hear some of the amazing sounds glaciers make from a new angle.

Cruise To Surprise Glacier

If you want to see glaciers from a bigger boat instead of a kayak, try a cruise from Phillips Cruises.  A small ship takes you on a beautiful day trip to Surprise Glacier, on a path that allows you to catch sight of up to 25 other glaciers.  Forest rangers will provide insight into glaciers, wildlife, and history during your relaxing trip.

Traverse Seward Glacier By Dog Power

After a short flight to Seward, you can explore a glacier from a sled pulled by a team of huskies!  Get two Alaskan experiences in one with Alpine Air, and see not only how it feels to go dog sledding, but also see the glacier as the dogs run across it.  This is one experience that is really hard to beat.

Dine With The Glaciers

Take a tram to the top of a mountain where Seven Glaciers Restaurant is located and have dinner surrounded by the views of the stunning Alaskan scenery.  You’ll be able to see numerous glaciers in the distance, along with mountains, forests, and perhaps even some of Alaska’s wildlife.  Additionally, the food is delicious – ingredients are fresh and locally-sourced.  Try the halibut – it never misses.

Make sure you visit the glaciers while you’re in Anchorage – they’re awe-inspiring!