It’s Time For Winter Sports

Winter is around the corner, so if you’re looking for fun Alaskan activities, try your skill at some favorite winter sports!

It's Time For Winter Sports!

Skiing And Snowboarding

Visit the Aleyska Resort if you’re interested in strapping on some skis and slaloming down the mountains.  You can do things in the original style, just skiing down the mountain, or get fancy with heli-skiing.  Snowboarding is another option, but master the basics before you try your hand at some sick tricks!


Have you ever experienced the thrill of riding a snowmobile?  In nearby Girdwood, you can visit Alaska Snowmobile Tours and see glaciers as you race across the tundra.  It’s amazingly fun, very easy, and exciting enough for an adrenaline rush – plus, the views are stunning!

Fat Tire Biking

You don’t have to wait until spring to go biking!  Fat tire bikes have wider tires that provide better traction on icy and snowy terrains, letting you explore the mountains and wilderness in all of its snowy beauty.  Rent a fat tire bike from Alaska Bike Rentals and head over to Kincaid Park or any national park for a fun day of activity.

Dog Sledding

Alaska Mushing School lets you drive your very own team of sled dogs through the snow, as if you were running the Iditarod.  With tour options anywhere from 1 to 6 hours, you can have a great day Alaskan-style, and learn about the sport, the dogs, and how much fun it is!

Ice Climbing

If you enjoy rock climbing, you’ll love ice climbing.  Stock Alpine will help you navigate a glacier, with your instructor teaching you various forms of movement on the ice, as well as equipment you’ll be working with.  There’s a number of options for where to climb, so various skill levels can all be challenged, and you’ll love the view once you reach the top.

Enjoy Anchorage’s favorite sports while you’re in town!