Don’t Miss the Alyeska Slush Cup

Every third weekend in April, revelers from around the world flock to Alaska for the Alyeska Slush Cup. It’s a favorite for skiers who show up in crazy costumes to tackle the steep, winding snowy hills. The ultimate goal? Build up enough speed to skid across the frozen pond without falling in. Few make it, and that’s the joy of the Slush Cup. The event is hosted by nearby Alyeska Resort, just a short drive from your Anchorage hotel.

Don’t worry about the skiers who don’t make it. The waters might be icy, but they’re wildly popular. Before the ski event starts, everyone is welcome to dive in and brave the cold. This has been a tradition for over 40 years and a pinnacle of the town’s Spring Carnival. Check out the main event on Saturday at 4 p.m. (and wear your swimsuit if you dare).

A Slushy Good Time

For a “fun-only” event, it’s highly competitive to be accepted as a skier. Only 50 are chosen each year, but there are thousands of spectators. Skiers include some of the best in the world, and many are entertainment/performance skiers dedicated to putting on a family-friendly show. The costumes get more bizarre every year, and of course Sarah Palin character costumes are a favorite.

Spring is the ultimate ski season in Anchorage, and the warmer weather has everyone acting a little crazy. From the Idiot Swim to face painting and reindeer hot dog vendors, it’s an event you can’t miss.