Check Out the Cannonball Snowmachine Race

Have you ever wondered about the top speed of snowmachines? It turns out they can go as fast as a cannonball, especially when they’re modded out at the Cannonball Snowmachine Race. The fastest machines in the world go head to head at Beam Road where you can watch some of the best racers in the business take on tough terrain. The multi-lap event spreads across Nome and takes racers deep into the countryside.

You’ll see what Skidoos and Arctic Cats can really do as they travers 25 miles including 2 miles on the iced-over Bering Sea. It’s all part of Spring Carnival season, which happens the third weekend of every April. You don’t want to miss out on this family-friendly event that ensures you’ll never think about snowmachines the same way again.

What a Ride

The route changes from year to year to ensure safety and a lot of fun. Weather conditions can shake things up, so make sure you check with your front desk staff to see if events are still moving forward on the big day. Nearby, you’ll be treated to the best food and drink vendors in town including coffee cocktails and reindeer sausages.

Watch the official page to keep up with special events and any last-minute changes.