Anchorage’s Dynamic Cultural Heritage

Plan your visit to the Alaska Native Heritage Center as it re-opens on the 12th of June. Discover Alaska’s Indigenous people and take an in-depth look at their life and story. Explore their beautiful history and discover their colorful cultural heritage. Let us look deeply into Anchorage’s history and culture.

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Have a unique experience to learn and explore the traditional and contemporary ways of Alaska’s native dynamic culture. Discover artifacts and relics of the indigenous people; watch them dance, listen to their stories, and visit their recreated winter dwellings.

Location: 8800 Heritage Center Dr, Anchorage, AK 99504

The Center shares Alaska’s 11 major groups of native people:

  1. Athabaskan People
  2. Eyak People
  3. Tlingit People
  4. Haida People
  5. Tsimshian People
  6. Unangax People (Aleut)
  7. Alutiiq People
  8. Yup’ik¬†People
  9. Cup’ik¬†People
  10. Siberian Yupik People
  11. Inupiaq People

The Gathering Place

This is the center stage for Alaska’s great Native dancing, Native Games demonstrations, and compelling storytelling.

The Hall of Cultures

Here is where Alaska’s Native artists exhibit and demonstrate their craft and art. You can discover more about each of the major indigenous groups through engaging exhibits.

OUTSIDE the center, you can check out the life-sized traditional dwellings of the natives of Alaska. See the semi-subterranean home called Supiaq which is built by the Alutiiqs.

Set foot in the largest wooden house with no window and only a smoke hole at the top, the Southeast Alaska Longhouse. This longhouse can house several families. Look inside and you will discover magnificently carved posts that embody different cultures. Posts are carved and painted with the theme of environment, respect, family, culture, and self. Being inside this house is a unique experience in encountering four cultures in one house.


The center holds the beautiful history and culture of Anchorage. Learn more and discover more about the native people of Alaska. Make sure not to miss out on the reopening of Alaska Native Heritage Center on the 12th of June.