Anchorage’s Must-See Museums

Check out some of Anchorage’s best museums while you’re in town!


Anchorage Museum

Anchorage Museum, opened in 1868, features art, science, ecology, history, and culture exhibits covering Alaskan history.  The Alaska Gallery in particular features dioramas spanning millions of years, from prehistoric animals to present day people.  In the Discovery Center, you can view numerous tanks of marine life, as well as other interactive displays.

Oscar Anderson House Museum

The museum is located inside the house from the 18th person to settle Anchorage, back in 1915.  As you wander through the carefully restored house, you’ll get a clear overview of what life was like in the early 20th century as Anchorage was built piece by piece into the large city it is today.  Over the past 100 years, the Anderson family made major contributions to the local community, and are a great conduit for learning about American settlement of Alaska.

Alaska Native Heritage Center

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The Native Heritage Center is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of 11 major native societies in Alaska, including the Athabaskan, Aleut, and Haida.  Multiple times throughout the year, cultural events are hosted, where you can see native dance, music, and other performances.  In the Hall of Cultures, see examples of native craftsmanship in their displayed pottery, art, weaving, and more.  There are even replica houses on site, so you can see the living arrangements of various communities.

Alaska Jewish Museum

The Alaska Jewish Museum pays tribute to the Jewish community, their religion, culture, and hardships.  During World War 2, Alaska was seen as the perfect location to accept Jewish refugees from Europe – as a still growing state, the economy had room for the influx of people.  The plan stalled in Congress, but the Jewish community in Alaska grew anyway with a high percentage of Jewish soldiers, and individual refugees.

Learn about Alaska’s often overlooked history by visiting some great museums!