Anchorage In One Day

If you have only one day in Anchorage, hit these spots to have a great visit!

Anchorage In One Day

8:00 AM – Snow City Cafe

Kick the day off with a hearty breakfast at Snow City Cafe.  Their french toast is stuffed with walnuts, oranges, and cream cheese, and tastes like heaven.

9:00 AM – Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Learn about Alaska’s amazing wildlife at the conservation center, where you can see bison, bears, eagles, foxes, elk, bobcats, moose, and more.  The tour guide will tell you the stories of the resident animals, talk about the ecosystem of Anchorage, and some of the work the center does – and you’ll have the chance to pet a porcupine!

11:00 AM  – Eklutna Historical Park

This park is the location of an old Russian Orthodox Church, as well as Spirit Houses of the Dena’ina Athabascans.  The houses were built when people passed away, as a place for the departed’s spirit to reside.  It’s an interesting and educational stop to the various cultures that built Alaska.

12:30 PM – Club Paris

Stop in at Club Paris for lunch and enjoy an Alaskan Cordon Bleu sandwich, made with halibut and smoked ham.  It’s cheesy and delicious, and a great introduction to fresh Alaskan seafood.

1:30 PM – Mount Baldy

Alaska has some amazing views, and one of the best ways to see them is to hike Mount Baldy.  The trail takes about two hours round-trip, so it’s a great way to work off the calories from lunch.  It’s not too difficult for anyone, although beginners may want to plan for a break midway.

4:00 PM – Anchorage Museum

Spend the afternoon at the Anchorage Museum, viewing the displays about Native transportation and culture, the development of Alaska and, more specifically, Anchorage, and other crucial pieces of Anchorage history.  The visit will provide some great insight into life in the Arctic north.

7:00 PM – Ginger

Dinnertime!  Sit down for a delicious meal at Ginger.  Start with the ahi tuna appetizer, then try the scallop macaroni and cheese, finished with a touch of truffle oil.  For dessert, you’ll want the blueberry-cream cheese purses, topped with a rich creme anglaise.

9:00 PM – Williwaw

After dinner, head to Williwaw for a cocktail.  When you enter, pick up the phone reciever in the booth just outside the elevator and see if you can sweet-talk your way into the speakeasy for a truly special experience.  Order a Black Opal – it’s vodka, tequila, raspberry, and delicious!

Have a great day in Anchorage and make sure you don’t miss the best things to do!