American Cancer Society: Taps and Apps – Anchorage

taps and apps anchorage

Together with the Alaska Cancer Treatment Center, the American Cancer Society’s Board of Ambassadors (ABOA) will host the 3rd edition of its Taps and Apps event on Saturday, April 13. The event will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Lakefront Anchorage Hotel.

Both organizing groups are members of the Alaska community. The Alaska Cancer Treatment Center offers care with up to date technology and medical services. They are dedicated to providing medical treatment so patients don’t have to leave Alaska. ABOA is a group of young professionals that is part of American Cancer Society (ACS). They help ACS raise funds for the fight against cancer.

The Taps and Apps event is a great chance to understand more about cancer and services related to treatment in Alaska. It is also a chance to raise local awareness about the disease and help fight cancer. For some, the topic is personal. For others, it might be a chance to learn more. In one way or another, we have all been impacted by the disease. The event is a chance to discover how services in Alaska influence the state’s cancer prevention and treatment options moving forward.

Aptel Studio Hotel is a proud sponsor of the 2019 event. As strong supporters of the cause, Aptel will be present throughout the event. Every year, the hotel welcomes patients who are affected by the disease and their families through a partnership with the American Cancer Society. Rooms are made for affordable for extended, comfortable stays. With complete kitchenettes, guests don’t need to worry about running out to grab food. Instead, everything is available to cook in the room. Also, conveniently located near the medical district in Anchorage, Aptel allows guests to easily travel to and from the hotel to the hospitals. Whether you are undergoing a medical treatment or visiting someone, Aptel is a great and convenient choice.

The Event

Combine an important topic with good company, music, delicious appetizers and beer at Taps and Apps. With each general admission ticket, you may have five appetizers from The Lakefront Hotel chefs. In addition, you can try five beer samples donated by Matanuska Brewing, an Alaska-owned brewery and restaurant.

There are also VIP options. VIP guests get a separate room with stunning views of Lake Hood during sunset. The ticket also gives visitors private appetizer and beer pairing service, with an additional pairing. Not only that, but guests get to avoid lines by having a private bartender.

During the event, guests will have the opportunity to support the cause and the American Cancer Society. The hosts have prepared a paddle raise, games of giving, and silent and live auctions. Donating is also always an option.

So that attendees can get to know each other, they can also participate in a fun bingo game. Instead of crossing off numbers on a card, attendees need to answer the questions on the card about other people at the event. Guests can buy a bingo card then go around asking other attendees the questions on it. Once the questions are answered, the card can be signed. Just like the original bingo, once the card is signed, it is then turned in for a prize. During the event, guests can interact and raise awareness on the topic. By sharing personal stories and gaining more knowledge, the community can help with the fight against cancer.

Tickets are available online or at the door.

The Cause

Cancer affects millions of people worldwide. It can be caused by what you ingest, your surroundings, lifestyle, sun exposure or even genetics. The ACS has great informational videos on how to detect the disease early on and how to prevent it. What you eat is extremely important. Cancer fighting foods have been on the rise, as have healthy lifestyles. Keep an eye on nutrition and physical activity information that can make a difference.

Support the cause and get involved

If you support the organization’s mission to ‘free the world from cancer’ and save lives, consider donating. You can also get more involved by joining the Associate Board of Director, ABOA, or by volunteer opportunities. Helping raise awareness is also impactful. In September, wear blue for Prostate Cancer Awareness. In October, pink, for Breast Cancer Awareness. Attending events like Taps and Apps and fundraisers is not only a good way to give back, but to learn more. All proceeds from the event is invested back into the state. It helps with research, prevention, support programs and care in Alaska.

The organization is active nationwide, so no matter where you are, you have the chance of getting involved. Join the cause, and together, help fight cancer.