Your Ultimate Packing Guide For Summer In Kodiak

It can be hard to pack for Alaska, so we put together the best packing guide so that you know exactly what you need to bring!

Your Ultimate Packing Guide For Summer In Kodiak


Alaska may be far to the North, but it’s not always cold.  It can, however, be unpredictable.  Pack for all weather with a couple of pairs of jeans, and at least one pair of shorts.  On top, plan to layer – t-shirts and tank tops, light sweaters, and one warm jacket.  Bring socks and good, comfortable boots – you’ll be doing a lot of hiking, and you need to protect your feet.  If you’re planning on exploring some glaciers, bring a knit cap and a pair of gloves to protect against chill.  No matter what, bring an extra day or two of clothes – with unpredictable weather, you may be in town a bit longer than expected!


There’s a few things you’ll definitely need to bring.  One of those is bug repellant.  There isn’t a huge issue with biting insects in Alaska, but when you’re hiking along the island, you’ll run into mosquitos because of all the water.  Also, don’t forget sunscreen!  You may not be laying out on a tropical beach, but the sun is still strong here, and a sunburn will ruin a vacation.  Put some on in the morning, and re-apply thoughout the day, particularly if you’re hiking near the shore.


Make sure you bring your camera.  Kodiak has some of the most gorgeous landscape in the country, and you’re definitely going to want pictures.  You’ll also need to pack the charging cord and extra film or memory cards – you’ll be very upset if you run out of room on your camera after your second day in town!  If you’re into wildlife, bring binoculars – you don’t want to get too close to the bears on the island, but you’ll still be able to get a good look; plus, you’ll be able to see birds more clearly as well, too.  Pack a reusable water bottle – most of your time will be in national parks, and you don’t want to hurt the environment at the same time you’re admiring it!

Don’t ruin your visit by forgetting anything important – make a detailed list, check it, and enjoy your visit to Kodiak!