The Java Situation In Kodiak

Enjoy your morning cup of joe at these great Kodiak locations!

The Java Situation In Kodiak

Harborside Coffee

Swing by Harborside to enjoy a cup of coffee made from their own roast.  They are known for their mocha, the perfect ratio of sweet chocolate to rich, slightly bitter espresso with a bit of cream to round it out.  Pair it with a buttery croissant for a good way to start the day.

Island Espresso

The service at Island Espresso is always top notch and the coffee is always perfect.  Get any drink made to order, from a basic coffee with cream to a fancy, flavored espresso beverage.  Try a caramel macchiato to get an idea for how seriously they take coffee!

Near Island Coffee

If you haven’t had a Reese’s frappuccino before, you need to get one at Near Island.  The perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate is actually even better with the balance of bitter espresso.  It’s like dessert in a cup, with an extra burst of energy to keep you moving!

Java Flats

Java Flats has some excellent options – don’t miss their carnivore breakfast burrito – but the real star is their Bruin latte.  Sweet molasses and spicy ginger bring new dimensions of flavor to your cup of coffee and it evokes notes of the woodsy nature Kodiak is known for.  You also have the option to design your own flavored latte from their array of coffee syrups.

Start your day right with some java in Kodiak!