Social Media Accounts You Should Follow Before Coming To Kodiak

Check out beautiful photos and interesting tweets from Kodiak Island via these social media accounts!

Social Media Accounts To Follow Before You Visit Kodiak

DiscoverKodiak @KodiakAlaska

DiscoverKodiak is the official Twitter for the Kodiak Island Visitors Bureau.  Not only do they tweet interesting information and events happening on the island, they also post some beautiful photos and videos.

Scott Stone Photography

Scott Stone technically lives in Montana, but as he spends a lot of time in Kodiak, most of his Instagram feed is images of the area – and they are beautiful!  Kodiak bears in all their majesty, foxes, elk, and owls abound, and make it easy to picture how beautiful the island is in person.

Marian Owen

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So the barista says, “What would you like ON your coffee?” I thought for a moment. “How about a snowflake?” (Hoping it would magically trigger a snowfall in Kodiak, Alaska). Heck, I’d take a blizzard ❄️at this point. I miss the Winter White. So does my camera… What sort of art would you want On YOUR coffee? ☕️ PHOTO NOTES: As casual as this shot looks, I sat at a table with the most colorful tablecloth. Then I waited for people to be in or out of the frame. And I rotated the mug so you could see the handle as if you’d reach into your phone for a sip. #coffee #snowflakes #baristart #baristalife #discoverkodiak #artoftheday #ilovealaska #marion_owen_photography #latteart

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This photographer and blogger lives on Kodiak so not only does her Instagram page contain some stunning photos, her blog features insider knowledge of the island.  She does an excellent job discussing what it’s really like to live on the second largest island in the United States.

Get a piece of Kodiak even when you’re not in town by following these social media accounts!