See Whales In The Blue Sea Around Kodiak Island

If you’re excited to see the wildlife in Kodiak, you’ll definitely want to schedule one of these whale-watching tours!

See Whales In The Blue Sea Around Kodiak Island

Adventures In Kodiak

This tour company offers full day tours including lunch and snacks, where you’ll travel around Kodiak Island, looking for various wildlife, including otters, puffins, sea lions, birds, and of course, whales.  Guests often see orcas, minke whales, porpoises, sei whales, and gray whales during the boat ride.  Make sure you keep your camera ready so you can get amazing pictures of them breeching!

Kodiak Catch

The boat from Kodiak Catch is lower, which puts you even closer to the magnificent mammals.  Watch for beautiful humpback whales, as well as sea lions, otters, and other Kodiak fauna.  You can charter a tour for whenever and however long you’d like, so if you’re searching for a custom experience, this is the company to call.

Fish N’ Chips Charters

Another charter company, you can go on a fishing adventure, but they also offer scenic rides.  Among other sea mammals, you’re likely to catch sight of humpback whales and orcas, as the captain tells you about the fascinating Alaskan ecosystem.

Deckload Aviation

A tendency towards seasickness doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun.  Deckload Aviation takes you on a flight over Kodiak, where you can see plenty of animals from above, including the ever popular whales.  Don’t limit yourself to the water though, this is an excellent way to see animals in spots you can’t reach by ground.

Alaskan Wilderness Adventures

For those who want to get extremely close to the whales, this is the company you need to call.  Instead of a spacious, but distant ship, explore the water in a kayak, and move side by side with whales and porpoises.  Be prepared, because some of the wildlife you might see is known to hitch a ride on the boats – you may get to make an otter friend!

Enjoy the whales of Kodiak Archipelago while you’re in town!