Recipes From Kodiak

If you’re fishing or hunting while you visit Kodiak, you’ll enjoy these recipes for your catch!

Recipes From Kodiak

Halibut Bites

Nothing tastes as good as fresh fish, and halibut is a popular catch around here.  These deep-fried bites include a light and airy batter and a bit of spicy hot sauce to bring the heat.  Kids and adults will love them, and they’re so easy to make, you can toss them together on a busy weeknight.

Kodiak Casserole

This beefy dish is perfect for the colder winter months.  It’s hearty enough to put meat on your bones, but still easy enough to toss together.  After sauteeing the beef, you have an hour to crawl back under a blanket with a good book while it bakes in the oven.  The beef can easily be substituted for venison if you had some luck hunting.

Salmon Pirok

Pirok is the Russian equivalent of a pot pie, this time with fresh Alaskan salmon.  You can cook it in a standard 9 inch pie plate, but the crust-to-filling ratio is even better if you make it in individual size cast iron pans.  This is comfort food, Alaskan-style.

Blackened Rockfish with Avocado Sauce

Enjoy this spicy dish with its creamy avocado-yogurt sauce for the perfect balance of flavors – and it’s healthy!  Rockfish is a mild but hearty fish, and they are plentiful in Kodiak’s streams, so if you go fishing in the area, you’ll likely take home several!

Drunken Alaska King Crab

Make this for the adults!  Cooking the crab in beer infuses it with some amazing flavors, and the dish is perfect for a nice dinner after a long day, since it only takes a few minutes to make.  Pair it with some hearty sides, and a glass of your favorite Pilsner.

Elk Chili

Elk is a fairly gamey meat, which can be a bit of an acquired taste, but it elevates chili to a new level!  The chipotle powder is key, as it adds an almost smoky taste.  Pro tip: A dash of cocoa powder will make this even richer and more delicious, while bringing out the nuances of the flavors.

Bear Bourguignon

This meal takes a long time to simmer properly, so you may opt to save it for the weekend.  Pick a good quality red wine, and serve the remainder with dinner to complement the hearty flavors.  This meal is fancy and even a bit indulgent, and you can taste the difference that fresh meat makes.

Enjoy these recipes for whatever you catch or hunt in the Kodiak wilderness!