Packing For A Winter Trip To Kodiak

If you’re not an Alaska native, packing for a winter trip to Alaska can be daunting – our guide will ensure you have everything you need!

Packing For A Winter Trip To Kodiak


It’s cold.  It’s important to acknowledge that when you’re packing, because you need to make sure you dress warmly to enjoy the trip!  Pack thick sweaters, waffle knit shirts, leggings, jeans, warm jackets – all of your best winter gear.  Make sure you bring a warm knit hat, a thick scarf, and gloves – you may also want earmuffs.  A pair of sunglasses will help keep wind out of your eyes, so even though it’s probably a bit cloudy, you should bring them.  Make sure your boots are comfortable over the thickest socks you own, and that they have some tread on the bottom.  You’re going to want to explore the island, and that tread will make the hikes much easier.  If the boots are waterproof, that’s even better.


Of course you will bring the typical products – your favorite body wash, your nighttime facial moisturizer – but there’s a few options that you may forget.  Make sure you bring chapstick or lip balm – cold weather can really dry out your lips.  Moisturizer with SPF will go a long way as well – while sunburn is expected in the summer, that winter sun can do damage too, so rubbing on a light SPF cream in the morning is an easy way to head off any damage.  Also, consider a foot lotion with peppermint in it – after all of the walking you’ll do each day, the menthol can help relax your feet so they are ready to go in the morning!

Other Things

Of course you’ll pack your camera, but don’t forget to bring the cord so that you can back your photos up to the computer at night – otherwise, you’re likely to run out of space!  Also, a portable power bank will ensure your devices stay charged on hikes and day trips, and you can get a small one that doesn’t take up too much room in your backpack.

Pack warm for a trip to Kodiak in the winter – you don’t want to miss a minute of exploring the island!