NaNoWriMo Inspiration In Kodiak

Be inspired by the close-knit town and beautiful wilderness of Kodiak while you try your hand at writing a novel!

NaNoWriMo Inspiration in Kodiak

Try writing or working remotely at some of our favorite places around town!

Near Island Coffee

Cross Chenega Bay to Near Island for a great cup of hot chocolate.  You can settle down at a table with your drink, set up your laptop, and work for a bit in this adorable coffee shop.

Harborside Coffee

This coffee shop roasts their own beans, and so they’ve carefully built a process that ensure excellent beans and a perfect cup of coffee.  You can also enjoy a delicious cup of matcha tea, and if you get hungry, take a break with an acai bowl for a healthy snack.

Kodiak Brewery

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If you write better with a beer, settle in at Kodiak’s own brewery!  The variety of hoppy beverages accommodates all tastes, but you may enjoy their Bering Sea, an ale with warm notes of caramel, or the classic, dry Snowshoe.  Enjoy watching the locals that come into the brewery to relax after work and get a sense of the community that holds Kodiak together.

Kodiak Public Library

Don’t overlook the library!  With so many books, you’ll have no issues finding any writing resources you need.  Plus, you can bring your laptop or use a computer there, you can use their wi-fi, and it’s wildly comfortable to stay there for a few hours while you work.

Everyone has a story in them – write yours while you’re inspired by the untamed ruggedness of Kodiak!