It’s Fishing Season In Kodiak!

Kodiak is well-known for its salmon and now is the time for you to try your hand at catching some!

It's Fishing Season In Kodiak!

We’ve put together a list of the best ways or places to go fishing so you can catch some salmon yourself while you’re in town.

Mill Bay Beach Park

Located just outside of town, Mill Bay Beach Park is a convenient place to walk to and fish from.  In the mid to late summer, there’s generally plenty of fish, so you shouldn’t have any trouble counting anything, and you’ll get to see some pretty birds while you wait for a bite.

Fish N Chips Charters

Charter a boat with Captain Dave and go fishing off the coast of Kodiak Island.  You’ll have the opportunity to catch salmon, of course, but also halibut, cod, and rockfish.  The captain will provide all of your fishing equipment, so you can catch some big fish without a big financial output.  It’s a nice way to enjoy the waters and relax, and still possibly bring home something delicious to eat.

Reel Extreme

Maybe fly fishing is a bit more your speed.  Take an off-road vehicle to a back-country river, and fly fish while spotting local wildlife milling about (be careful of the bears – they also like to fish!).  You can do a half day or full day trip, with all the equipment provided, but don’t forget to bring your camera.  You’ll have access to some amazing photo opportunities.

Every outdoorsperson wants to go fishing in Alaska at least once in their lifetime, so make sure to take advantage of the opportunity while you’re in town!