Guided Tours You NEED To Do

If you want to really learn about Kodiak, here are the guided tours you HAVE to go on while you’re in town!

Guided Tours You NEED To Do

Kodiak is a beautiful place, and you can certainly wander it independently, but to ensure you get the full impact of the local history, or see the most wildlife possible, you’ll want to attend some tours.  Follow our guide and you’ll finish your trip with a well-rounded view of Alaska’s “Emerald Isle”.

A Historical Town Tour

Memory Makers Tour Service offers a guided tour of local spots of historical importance, from the Coast Guard station to the military museum.  In doing so, you’ll get to see downtown Kodiak, and some of what it has to offer.

A Landscape Tour

Explore the glaciers and volcanos that make Kodiak unique.  Alaska Private Touring offers a plane tour that will show you the Kenai Mountain range.  You’ll see Mt. Katmai, Crater Lake, and Knife Glacier, and learn about how volcanos were responsible for forming Kodiak’s rugged landscape.

Afognak Island Tour

Another tour from Alaska Private Touring, take a plane ride over Afognak Island and see old native villages, the fishing industry that makes up most of the local economy, and the beautiful wildnerness surrounding small pockets of civilization.  There’s a lot of marine and land wildlife that may be visible as well.

A Wildlife Tour

Kodiak Wildlife Tours will help you view all the local wildlife, from elks to Kodiak bears to sea otters.  The all day walking tour shows you Kodiak Island up close and personal, with plenty of opportunities to take photos.

Kodiak is one of the most beautiful places in the world, so make sure you see as much of the island as possible, and don’t miss anything!