Cool Classes To Take In Kodiak

If you’re hoping to pick up a new skill in the new year, attend one of these interesting classes while you’re in Kodiak!

Cool Classes To Take In Kodiak

Yoga @ A Balanced Approach

Yoga is a great way to get fit, but it’s also an important skill to learn for relaxation, stress release, flexibility, and even spirituality.  The flow of yoga can awaken and clarify spiritual concepts, or let your body release work stress just as it releases toxins.  A Balanced Approach is a fitness center that offers various classes, including yoga manya, and with classes every day, it’s easy enough to attend one at your convenience.

Classes @ Kodiak College

Kodiak College, a campus in the Univeristy of Alaska system, offers not only traditional college courses, but also adult community classes and workshops, covering a variety of topics, such as drawing, Microsoft Office skills, watercolor painting, or even Spanish.  The length of the classes varies, so choose one that fits your traveling timeline, but they’re excellent for bites of information while you explore new hobbies or talents.

Workshops @ Kodiak Public Library

The library has a number of excellent and unique classes.  In January, they will be hosting an ancestry workshop, where you can learn how to trace your genealogy, as well as a painting class.  The variety of classes means there’s smething for all interests, and if you enjoy the activity, there are plenty of books onsite for you to learn more.