Coming Up: Kodiak State Rodeo

If you’re in town to enjoy the Kodiak State Fair, don’t miss the rodeo!

Coming Up: Kodiak State Rodeo

Running on August 31st and September 1st, the Kodiak State Rodeo is a feature of the fair that promises excitement, fun, and even hilarity from the talented rodeo clowns.  It’s one of the highlights of the year and certainly an event you won’t want to miss.

The rodeo involves all of the traditional events from calf roping to bull riding, so you can see cowboys try to stay on their bucking broncos.  It also includes a horse show where riders can display their techniques, and even a cow milking contest, where competitors have to chase down, catch, and then milk their cows.  It’s always entertaining to see!

For people who are used to rodeos, they’ll enjoy seeing Kodiak’s new take on a few of the events, like barrel racing using dirt bikes.  They’ll also enjoy watching future rodeo stars in one of their first competitions as kids participate in age group events, like mutton busting or barrel racing on ponies.

In between the main events, watch some trick roping – it’s very impressive what the cowboys can do.  Plus, the barrel clowns always put on a good show – and people often forget how crucial they are to the events.  Those clowns save lives by making you laugh!

Enjoy Kodiak’s State Rodeo this weekend at the fairgrounds and get a taste of the Wild West, Alaska-style.