Coming Up: Kodiak State Fair

Don’t miss Kodiak’s carnival on Labor Day weekend!

Coming Up: Kodiak State Fair

Kodiak may be a small town but their fair is still big fun!  Find all of your favorite fair foods from cotton candy and corn dogs to caramel apples and deep-fried everything.  Take a hay ride, go on rollercoasters, play games with water guns, and generally enjoy the upbeat, fun atmosphere that you find at a carnival.  Kids will love visiting the petting zoo, where they can play with rabbits, cows, goats, and more.  Make sure you visit the baking contest exhibits so you can see some of the delicious local recipes, and maybe pick a few to try at home!

There’s always a craft display at the fair, and it’s a really great look at traditional influences in modern artistic forms. Expect to see Native American and Inuit inspirations, and really admire how delicate the craftwork is on some of the pieces.  You may even find some pieces that you love to take home – for yourself or to give away as gifts.

Make sure you set aside time during your visit to attend the Kodiak State Fair because it’s a wonderful way to get a sense of the community spirit on Kodiak Island – and it’s a lot of fun!