Coming Up: Kodiak Crab Festival

Do not miss Kodiak’s biggest event of the year!

Kodiak Crab Festival

Celebrating the return of summer for the past half-century, the Kodiak Crab Festival is a five-day event full of food, competitions, crafts, and activities.  From Thursday until Monday, this is the place to be in Kodiak.


Try crab in all types of dishes!  Restaurants will be preparing crab more ways than you can imagine, and with five days to indulge, you’ll have time to try everything.  Fried, barbecued, or grilled, taste one of Kodiak’s famous king crabs and enjoy some local cuisine.


From a treasure hunt for the kids to enjoy to a race in the harbor, there are all sorts of ways to embrace your competitive spirit.  Consider trying the Fish Toss, or maybe running the marathon is more your style.  Or, if you don’t want to participate, just enjoy watching the locals pit themselves against each other and nature.


Rides, carnival games, face painting, and a parade – the Kodiak Crab Festival has it all!  View the works of local artists at the Art Show, or see the Coast Guard demonstrate how they save lives as they lower themselves from a helicopter into the harbor.  There’s so much going on, you’ll need all five days to enjoy all of it!

Even the otters come out to play at the Kodiak Crab Festival – so make sure you don’t miss out!