Books Set In Alaska To Get You In The Mood

Read these books to get in the mood for your upcoming trip to Kodiak!

Books Set In Alaska To Get You In The Mood

Alaska seems exotic and adventurous to those who aren’t from the area, making it a popular backdrop for authors to use.  Here’s some amazing books that will get you in the mood to explore Kodiak before you even get on the plane.

Close To My Heart:  Writing and Living Stories on Kodiak Island – Michael G. Rostad

This book is a collection of stories from the vast variety of people who have made their home on Kodiak Island, from fishers and hunters to teachers and scientists.  In Kodiak, they each learned life lessons, grew closer to nature, and found the life they wanted.

Karluk Bones – Robin Barefield

This thrilling murder mystery novel is set in the middle of Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, and the remoteness certainly contributes to the excitement of some of the plot points.  Read about a chain of murders, taking place over 40 years and the struggle to solve them before the killer leaves the island – or kills again.

Ada Blackjack – Jennifer Niven

This biography tells the story of Ada, an Inuit woman and the only female on a 1921 trip into the Arctic Wilderness – and the only survivor.  The book covers her two-year adventure, as well as her struggles to adjust after returning to civilization.  As you read her story, you’ll be on the edge of your seat to see how she survives each trial she faces.

North To Danger – Walt Morey

Kodiak makes a short appearance in this book, which is a collection of experiences encountered by Virgil Burford.  It highlights some amazing reasons to visit Alaska, and you’ll definitely end up adding a few things to your list of things to do.

Two In The Far North – Margaret E. Murie

Murie is a renowned conservation advocate and after reading her book about life and travels in Alaska, you too will be advocating to protect the amazing animals and land in the state.  She does an amazing job at driving home how beautiful and delicate the Alaskan ecosystem is – making this a perfect read just before you go hiking.

Pick up these books and read them as you wait to come visit Kodiak!