White Linen Night



In a time before air conditioning and motor vehicles, New Orleans locals had to get creative when it came to beating the summer heat. Wearing white linen was a popular way to stay cool, with men in their summer suit bests and women in their flowing sundresses. White reflects heat and linen has long been a staple material for summer wear. It’s held the first Saturday in August.

Even though most of New Orleans’ shops, restaurants, and bars now have air conditioning, the tradition of wearing white linen continues once each year. Head to the Warehouse Arts District the first Saturday of August for the annual Whitney White Linen Night. No white linen outfit is too extravagant as you peruse the art galleries up Julia Street.


A Trip Back in Time


Many galleries offer hand-held fans to help you keep cool between shops and booths. Sample the famous New Orleans cuisine on the side streets and take advantage of live music and wandering performers. The upscale event is a summer classic and the perfect opportunity to show off your whitest whites.


The after party at the Contemporary Arts Center is one of the biggest fetes of the summer. A complete list of galleries can be found at