Which Beignet is Best?


Everybody knows about Café du Monde, and for good reason. This famous hot spot is where most people meet their first beignet. There are a few locations in New Orleans, including 813 Decatur St., 4700 Veterans Memorial Blvd in Metairie, and the original destination that’s been serving up these fluffy, messy delights since 1862 at 800 Decatur St. (the only location open 24 hours, except Christmas!). However, Café du Monde isn’t the only place to snag a beignet in the Big Easy.

Check out the spin on beignets at Café Beignet. You’ll find the little bakery at 334 Royal St. It offers a full menu of Cajun cuisine along with strong coffee and decadent beignets. Try yours with a café au lait, and determine for yourself if Café Beignet or Café du Monde deserves the reputation of best in the city.


Sugar Rush


There’s also the New Orleans Coffee & Beignet Company at 4141 St Charles Ave. where they promise “lighter, fluffier beignets.” Here, you can also find the original chocolate beignet, which is the only way to satisfy a chocoholic beignet lover. The aim of this destination is fast, authentic, New Orleans-centric food served with plenty of southern hospitality.


The Morning Call Coffee Stand is at 3325 Severn Ave. in Metairie. It’s an around-the-clock coffee stand that’s cash only and known for their chicory brews and, of course, beignets. Now that you’re on track to try them all, don’t forget to add your own online reviews (with pictures!) to help determine the “best of.”