Watch the Fudgemakers in Action

The city famous for beignets has a darker (and sweeter!) side. You’ll find The Fudgery at Riverwalk, a tradition since 1980. A.C. Marshall changed how fudge was made when he came up with the copper kettles, marble slabs, and raucous atmosphere to attract passersby into his world of fudge making fantasy. By using showmanship, singing, and of course a flawless old fashioned recipe, The Fudgery turns fudge making into an art—and a show!

“Papa Fudge” Marshall claims that interactive retail is simply more fun. It’s his recipe for success: Equal parts great fudge and big fun. Today, you can find milk shakes, caramel apples, ice cream, and more in his shops. “We only use the very best ingredients,” he says. “Pure vanilla, the purest chocolate, and a time tested process.”


One for the Fudge, Two for the Show

For decades, The Fudgery’s performance has received rave reviews. His crew stirs, folds and turns the fudge to be in huge loafs while they entertain and draw laughs. Some of Papa Fudge’s team members have moved on to Broadway stardom! The Fudgery is also a hot spot for artists—in fact, Dru Hill and Sisqo first performed in a Fudgery.

“Papa Fudge” has led his crew to present on numerous talk shows, but you can catch the show for free! There’s never any pressure to buy, and you can stroll in and watch the show as long as you like. Resisting Papa Marshall’s fudge is a feat few can manage.