VooDoo Music Festival Highlights

VooDoo is a way of life in New Orleans—especially when you’re talking about the VooDoo Experience. This chillingly amazing festival takes place October 30-November 1, riding the bridge of the haunting weekend. Score a single day pass for $86 or a full three-day pass for just $195. Full of music, food, a thriving marketplace, and local artists, it’s truly an experience like no other and the perfect plans for Halloween and Día de los Muertos.

Wellness is also a pinnacle of the VooDoo Experience. Kids are welcome, there are many medical tents for unexpected bumps and bruises, and the water is plentiful. You’ll need the hydration when checking out The Passage from Stefan Beese or Cone V2, an interactive experience from German architects.

Photo of Businessman voodoo doll on white

Don’t Know How You Do the VooDoo That You Do…

Head to the Ajun Cajun Ninja to fill up on catfish po-boy, chicken strips, and yakisoba. The beer garden is the perfect stop in between sets, galleries, and mind-bending sculptures. You’ll find plenty of entertainment on site, from the likes of Armageddon Beach Party to shopping at Baizar’s.

The VooDoo Experience is a green, sustainable, and family-friendly event for all. Experience New Orleans in a brand new way (beads are very optional).