Visit Mardi Gras World!


Missing Mardi Gras this year? Don’t worry! If you’re going to be in New Orleans outside of Fat Tuesday, you can still get a glimpse of the incredible experience at Mardi Gras World. Just a short trolley ride from the Garden District, it’s where parade floats are stored, repaired, and brand new ones are created. Here, you might find an artist making spectacular masterpieces out of those traditional beads, and you can even get a slice of King Cake from the café.


Take a guided tour, or peruse the massive warehouses yourself. Nobody else gets a chance for such an up close and personal inspection (and photos!) with the most beloved of floats. Not every float is a crowd pleaser, but some become staples. See them up close, discover the intricacies that you miss during Fat Tuesday, and get a sneak peek at what might be heading down the parade route in 2016.

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A World of Fun


During a guided tour, you’ll find out just how much work is involved in putting on the biggest party in the country. However, the name is a bit misleading. This is where float pieces are created for over 40 parades around the world every year.


Make your reservations early, especially if you have a big group, because this is one New Orleans secret that’s starting to spread!