Visit Louisiana’s Plantation Homes

Plantation HomesNothing says the South like an old Southern plantation. Here in the heart of the South, we have several plantations that reflect the rich history of Louisiana. Most of the plantations are along the River Road corridor, running along the Mississippi River but an easy drive and you can tour some some of the remaining restored houses and gain a wealth of knowledge.

The closest to NOLA is both the Destrehan Plantation and the Ormond Plantation, both within 30 minutes. Drestrehan is the oldest documented plantation left intact in the lower Mississippi Valley. Ormond Plantation claims to be the oldest French West Indies style plantation in the lower Mississippi Valley.

Houmas House Plantation is one of the most visited Antebellum Plantation Homes in the area. Once consisting of 20,000 acres, the architectural style of this home is one that most people envision when thinking of a plantation style home. This property was the location for the film “hush, Hush, Sweet Charolette”.

Laura Plantation is a bit of an anomalty when it comes to plantation homes. Built in the French ‘Creole’ style it differs greatly from the typical English or American style homes that are more common. Four old slave cabins are still standing in the back that were once part of 69 cabins housing people up until 1977.

Madewood Plantation, considered one of Louisiana’s most majestic plantations, is located just 75 miles West of NOLA. An antebellum home that exudes elegance of the pre-Civil War is found among the moss draped oaks and is furnished with genuine antiques of the period.

Oak Alley is known for its entrance featuring 250 year old oak trees lining the walk to the Mississippi River that is a quarter of a mile away. This true Southern Antebellum Plantation home is supported by 28 columns in the front and is all that you would think a plantation home should be.

Finally we have Nottoway Plantation. This is the largest of the Antebellum Plantations that remain in Louisiana. It is only second in size to the Belle Grove Plantation that unfortunately burned down. Featuring 50 rooms, including a Grand White Ballroom, this plantation home is a popular spot for modern day weddings.