Unique Adventures in NOLA

If you are looking for something unusual to do during the weekend, you might consider visiting these unique places in NOLA! Create unforgettable memories with these shops and attractions in NOLA that will make your unique adventure more exciting.

Doullut Steamboat Houses

Start your adventure with an old unique attraction in NOLA, the Doullut Steamboat Houses. The architecture of these houses was designed to resemble a steamboat. Captain Milton P. Doullut, who was a riverboat pilot, built these houses in 1905. The house was designed and built for his family and in 1913, Captain Milton P. Doullut built another one for his son, Paul Doullut. Today, the Doullut Steamboat Houses are known as an attraction because of their unique design.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar

Welcome to another unique place in NOLA with an interesting history dated way back the late 1700s. Today, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar is a popular bar in town visited by many locals. Enjoy a unique experience at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, America’s oldest bar that offers tasty drinks such as their popular Voodoo Daiquiri, also known as the “purple drink” as called by frequent customers.

The Tree of Life

Spend some time sitting under a mysterious oak, also known as Étienne de Boray Oak. The Tree of Life is one of the unique places you must visit in NOLA. The tree, according to local records, is more than 500 years old. It is known to many locals as a tree that is easy to climb and offers a wonderful view from the top. The Tree of Life’s unique features will look great on every photo you take!