Top New Orleans Coffee Shops

New Orleans Coffee ShopsEveryone needs a pick me up when you are out and about exploring a new town. Even those who are return visitors need something to add a little pep in their step. New Orleans has no shortage of local coffee shops and cafes that will get you going in the morning, give you a nice relaxing pit stop during your day or give you that extra burst of energy to finish off the day. Here are a few of our favorite New Orleans coffee shops and cafés for you to try out while visiting with us.

1. Café Du Monde tops the charts for both visitors and locals. Enjoy a latté and a warm beignets. Couple that with the amazing atmosphere and you will see why so many love this hot spot.

2. Spitfire Espresso Bar has been voted as the best coffee in the Quarter on a number of ocassions. Try their Hellfire Mocha and enjoy an interesting twist on a common drink.

3. Café Beignet located in the French Quarter is the perfect spot for coffee and brunch. This amazing place can have a bit of a wait so assign one person line/ordering duty while you pick out the perfect patio seating for your crew.

4.Cherry Coffee is located just down the street in the Garden District. Tucked away in the corner of Stein’s, this friendly staff and amazing coffee is one of the best kept secrets in New Orleans.

5. District Donut, Sliders and Brew is another fantastic Garden District coffee bar. With cold brew coffee ON TAP, you will get a whole new experience from the minute you walk in the door. One stop and you will be hooked. Oh, and who hasn’t been to a coffee shop that serves donuts AND sliders!?

Let us know which New Orleans coffee shop is your favorite!