Tennessee Williams Literary Festival

March 21st – 25th marks the annual Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, though the famous streetcar stopped operating over 60 years ago. The festival remains part of the New Orleans Literary Festival. Williams stayed in New Orleans during one of his most fruitful periods, and the city became a source of inspiration for the playwright.

Every year, the festival fathers some of the best actors, playwrights, authors and speakers at master classes, lectures, workshops and more. Aspiring playwrights have a chance to win a $1,500 cash prize, and the festival ties in with various foodie festivals around town.


However, the most popular event is the “Stella!” shouting event. You get bonus points if you dress up as Stanley Kowalski.


Literary Bests


If you want to register for any of the festival events, including the Stella! competition, call 504-581-1144. It all takes place near Jackson Square, with the judges perched on the Pontalba Apartment balconies. During your stay in New Orleans, don’t forget to check out other literary happenings around town.


Poetry readings, drama classes and book signings are all part of what makes this festival so exciting. It draws a big crowd and plenty of big names. You never know who you might run into as you brush up on your Stella! skills.