Spanish Restaurants


Take a break from Creole and Cajun cuisine to explore the many Spanish offerings in New Orleans. Lola’s is a great spot for traditional tapas, house made sangria, huge paellas and traditional cuisine. The space is lively, yet small and quaint, perfect for a romantic date or an intimate night out with friends.

Barcelona Tapas is where you’ll get dishes and authentic small plates with all the flavors of Barcelona. Located in uptown, and a huge party restaurant, you’ll find big groups digging into the creole pasta or fideua, which is paella that substitutes rice for pasta to give you some serious fusion.

Dig In!

Baru Bistro and Tapas is a little but outlandish pick with Latin-Caribbean flavors to give the tapas a twist. Chuzo, a grilled skirt steak, is fantastic, and their guacabello with a grilled portobello mushroom tossed with an avocado and olive oil served with creole chips can’t be passed up.

Santa Fe Tapas gives you a taste of the southwest, while Vega Tapas Café is inspired by Mediterranean flavors. No matter where you go, you’ll be treated to some of the most original flavors of New Orleans.