Running of the Bulls New Orleans

running of the bullsWhy go to Spain for the Running of the Bulls? Just join us here in New Orleans. We have the perfect New Orleans hotel for you and our very own Running of the Bulls at San Fermin. Thousands of runners roam the streets of New Orleans with ‘bulls’ of our very own. The 9th annual celebration kicks off this week, July 9-12th, with nothing short of good Spanish fun. The SFNO Spanish Wine Dinner on Thursday night is the beggining of the fun and continues through the weekend with the highlight being the Running of the Bulls Saturday morning at 8am. The ‘bulls’ are our very own rollerbulls, ladies from the New Orleans based roller derby teams. Be warned, they may not poke but they sure do whack! Equipped with plastic whiffle ball bats, if you are too slow, they might give you a good swat on the rear to help you along.

If you aren’t the running type or want to avoid the rollerbulls, be sure to find your viewing spot early. Runners start at 8 am but the fun begins at 7:15am and more than 14,000 spectators are expected. For more information on the festivities, schedule of events, parties and more, visit or

Be sure to book your New Orleans hotel for this fun and exciting event. We are certain it will be cheaper, and more fun, than going all the way to Spain.