Prytania Theatre Happenings


Located at 5339 Prytania Street, this circa-1914 theatre was originally opened by Jacobs and Landry. In 1917, the modern theatre included more seating capacity than any other theatre in the area with bigger seats and state-of-the-art appliances. However, in 1926, just after midnight, a streetcar operator noticed the theatre was ablaze. He woke nearby neighbors and together the community rallied to save the theatre. It wasn’t destroyed but did sustain $10,000 in damages (a whopping sum at the time).


One year later, owners promised to rebuild the theatre and make it even more elaborate than before. This included a post lobby with polished brass and red velvet. The front façade got an upgrade, and a brand new $15,000 Hilgren-Lane orchestral organ was added. Today, the theatre remains a landmark in New Orleans and shows both the latest releases and classics including audience participation showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Discovering Prytania


Prytania is a popular event venue for all occasions. From weddings to private screenings, renters get the auditorium, theatre and an accommodating staff to customize any event. Whether you want the staple popcorn, snacks and soda, prefer to bring in your own food/catering (including wedding cake!), or simply want to kick back and watch your own Blu-Ray, the Prytania is available.


Popular events include birthday parties with the Private Movie Premier Package where the staff literally rolls out the red carpet. Filmmaker services like 4-wall screenings, post production/color correction sessions, dailies screenings, and movie premiers with cast and crew parties are all regular happenings. Check out what’s playing now, and plan your own debut.