Po’ Boy, Oh Boy!

No New Orleans getaway is complete without trying all the local food—starting with the Po’ Boy! What really makes the Po’ Boy is the bread, a traditional sub on a crusty French roll that comes in “shorty” size, which is between 5-7 inches, a quarter at 8 inches, the half at 16 inches, or the whole Po’ Boy at 32 inches. There’s a debate about what makes the “traditional”, but common toppings include hot fried shrimp and oysters, softshell crab, crawfish, catfish, Louisiana sausage, roast beef, fried chicken breast, and more. It all depends where you go and who you ask!

In the 1800s, fried oyster sandwiches were cheap and easy to eat on the go. It’s just what workers on a budget needed. One of the most popular New Orleans restaurants to try these is Johnny’s, which has been serving subs since 1965. Tucked into the French Quarter, it’s on the third generation of Po’ Boy makers!


More Than a Sandwich

Mahony’s Po’ Boys is another classic, featured on The Travel Channel and serving up fast, hot subs your way. Mother’s Restaurant is another famous joint, featured on the Food Network, but don’t let the long lines fool you. They move fast and it’s well worth the short wait.

The Sammich is a must, or Parkway Bakery and Tavern serves up classic subs alongside craft brews. Po’ Boy hopping is a great idea, especially where you can try various toppings based on which restaurant is famous for what.