Planning Romantic Dates

NOLA has much to offer when it comes to providing romantic venues where you can spend a good time with your loved one. Explore NOLA and experience the ideal dates where you and your special someone can make more memories to celebrate.  

Scenic Date Near Lake Pontchartrain

While exploring NOLA, you will discover amazing venues in the Lakeview neighborhood. This venue is ideal during sunset where you and your partner will witness the beautiful view of Lake Pontchartrain. This ambiance will let you have good conversations and a relaxing sightseeing experience. You can visit the Lakeview neighborhood for more fun dating activities such as having dinner together and walking in Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden.   

Dancing in the Jazz Clubs

If you and your partner are into Jazz music, then it is ideal that you visit the Jazz Clubs in NOLA together. Enjoy live music and entertainment while spending a great time together. Visit many Jazz clubs in French Quarter such as The Davenport Lounge, Balcony Music Club and Maison Bourbon Jazz Club. There are also Jazz clubs outside French Quarter such as Chickie Wah Wah, Prime Example Jazz Club and the Blue Nile.  

Romantic Dining

A romantic date will not be complete without having been to romantic restaurants in the city. NOLA’s romantic restaurants offer a good ambiance for couples to have a great romantic dining experience. These restaurants include Sylvain, Jewel of the South and La Crepe Nanou. You can also find many restaurants in the French Quarter that offer a variety of cuisines.