New Orleans Halloween Frights

Perhaps it is one of the most haunted cities in America, New Orleans has a number of haunted houses that are not seasonal attractions. With no shortage of ghosts, ghosts stories and paranormal activity, there is enough fright to go around. In the spirit of Halloween, try visiting some of these local businesses and homes to see if you can stir up some of these long past spirits. Many of these haunted places are hotels and while we are not on the list, we can’t promise we are exempt from any floating entities.

1.       The Hermann-Grima House: Located in the French Quarter, the friendly Southern ghosts have been known to scatter lavender around the rooms and light fireplaces for a more cozy feel.

2.       Hotel Monteleone: Haunted by Former owners, staff and guests, you can often hear the jazz singer  singing in the middle of the night.

3.       Beauregard-Keyes House: Haunted by its former owner, General P.G.T. Beauregard, his foot steps as well as his troops’ bloody apparitions in full military dress can be seen and heard.

4.       Hotel Provincial: Parts of this hotel were once used as a hospital for Civil War Confederates. To this day, bloody stains appear and then disappear on the sheets.

5.       Le Pavilion Hotel: Said to be one, if not the most, haunted hotels in New Orleans. Ada, a teenage girl from the 1840’s is most often seen pacing the lobby saying “Pardon me, I am… very lost” before vanishing.

6.       The Old Absinthe House: A 200 year old bar haunted by its famous customers, Andrew Jackson, Queen Marie Laveau and Jean Lafitte. Doors frequently open and close on their own as well as bottles, glasses and chairs moving round the bar.

7.       The Columns Hotel: The disembodied Southern gentlemen that checks on guests, a girl who visits the third floor balcony and the woman in the white gown floating around the garden and ballroom are not props!

8.       Lafitte Guest House: A girl and her mom as well as a baby  who died of yellow fever are said to be heard crying. Don’t mind the girl appearing in the mirror or talking to your children.