New Orleans’ Hidden Gems

Erin Rose Po boysIt goes without saying that New Orleans has some of the best bars and restaurants you will find in the Southern United States. Many come from all over just to experience the food and libations. Here we have what we consider some of the hidden gems of the area.

1. Golden Feather Mardi Gras Indian Restaurant – Top African/American fare on the cheap.

2. Marie’s Bar – You will find some soul  in their amazing plates. Food is out of this world.

3. BJ’s Lounge – Try Jimmy’s Red Beans and stop in on Monday’s during the King James Show

4. Kermit’s Treme Speakeasy – True Southern Soul Food. Open everyday for lunch and dinner.

5. Hillbilly Bar BQ – Serious BBQ and high popularity among locals

And because it is so hard to narrow down, we have a bonus one for you.

6. Erin Rose – Killer Po Boys, new and old school. Plus everything is locally sourced.

Be brave and scout out a hole in the wall because you never know, it may be one of the best meals you have ever had. With dozens and dozens of places to choose from, many of which offer unbelievable menus yet also offer the tourist rush, you can’t go wrong when it comes to good ole southern soul food and/or cajun food.

Let us know what your favorite hidden gems are in NOLA!