New Orleans Cemetery Tours

New Orleans Cemetery ToursNew Orleans is unique in so many ways. From the festivals and the food to the history and the shopping. Sitting below sea level, there is one more thing unique about our town, the cemeteries. While cemeteries are not typically a tourist attraction, our cemeteries are one of a kind. Due to the high water table here in New Orleans, any attempt to bury the dead results in a water filled hole or a floating casket. For centuries, graves have become above-ground tombs that are not only interesting but beautiful. Often referred to as ‘Cities of the Dead’, many of these cemeteries are popular in movies and also for those who seek a spooky thrill.

Don’t be afraid. These cemeteries are full of history and hold so many interesting facts that you will forget you are in a cemetery sitting among the dead.  take one of the many New Orleans Cemetery Tours and see just how unique and special our cemeteries are! Explore the history and beauty of these interesting places that serve as graves.

For a list of companies offering cemetery tours, take a look at  this website. Stop by our front desk and our friendly staff would be happy to give you directions to a few cemeteries if you choose to explore them on your own. Either way, it is a great opportunity to explore more of the features of this town that you won’t find anywhere else.